Learning to follow…

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I took this photo in the Austrian Alps a couple of years ago at the top of a super steep black slope. I’m on my snowboard, and in the picture below me is my good friend Markus Marosh, who pastors our church in Innsbruck.  Just after this photo was taken, we blasted down this black slope for an incredible run.

But it wasn’t always like that. Just a few years before this picture was taken, when Markus and I were skiing together, we would get to this point at the top of the black slope. We’d stop, and then I’d go around to the left onto a gentle blue slope which led onto a kiddies slope, and then rejoined the main slope at the bottom of the black run. Markus would I’d go around, and meet Markus below.

You see I’d never had proper ski instruction. I’d learnt to ski and then snowboard by basically teaching myself and observing others, but never had anyone actually teach me. So I sort of enjoyed myself, but when it came to the difficult bits I found a different way around, and I’d miss out on the real action.

Then one one day as we were about to part ways at the top of the black slope – me to the the blue and him on the black – Markus said to me “Come, follow me”. I said NO WAY! But he encouraged me and coaxed me to go over the edge and follow him down the black slope while coaching me down to improve my technique and give me confidence to face the mountain.

I took courage and went over the edge and tucked in right behind him and we zig zagged across while he instructed me.
It didn’t take much for me to learn the basics overcome my fear, and soon I was growing in confidence and enjoying the incredible ride down this exciting piste. I have never looked back and today I feel that I can shred any black off-piste slope I have the opportunity to ride!

Does this illustration relate to your faith walk? Do you feel like there are some basics you never mastered, and end up on the “blue slope” when by now you should be blasting down the black? If yes, then The Follow Course is for you.

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More details and online sign-up online here.

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