JESUS IS… GOD (message link here)


Jesus made claims that caused the religious teachers of the day to want to kill Him on charges of blasphemy, accusing him with:

“You, a mere man, claim to be God” – John 10v33

Who you believe someone to be and what you know of them will completely determine how you relate to them, and what you can receive from them. What you believe about Jesus will completely determine your faith (or lack of it) in Him. If all He is to you is “the carpenters son”, then he may be able to build you a house, but you will never receive from Him what He really came to give: Life, eternal and abundant!

Jesus is God. Do you believe it? Can you explain it to those who don’t believe?  Listen to my JESUS IS GOD message here, which is part one of this 4 part series. This coming Sunday: “Jesus is… friend of sinners” – invite someone who needs to know that!

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