The Art of Loving Well Book

The “The Art of Loving Well” book is available to order on Amazon! (Paperback and Kindle, depending on where you are in the world), or at some Every Nation churches. 

This “The Art of Loving Well” book is really widely applicable to prompt some genuine growth and change in every relationship, whether at work, friendships, marriage, church, small group, your team, and even that grumpy neighbour and aunt! 
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I am confident that this book will really help you and if it does, please do leave me a review on Amazon if you have access. 

Also available: The DateTalk book

The DateTalk book published last year is for all not-yet-marrieds out there. Its about “(almost) everything you need to know about relationships, dating and sex.” – Buy the DateTalk book here.
Remember: To Love Well is to Live Well! 

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