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(almost) everything you need to know about relationships, dating and sex

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Note: All profits from 2018 sales will go towards Campus Ministry initiatives in Europe!


What is DateTalk about?:

Rich and relevant, these DateTalk truths have helped thousands of people around the world do their relationship journey better. If you want to enrich this exciting but often confusing area of your life, then this book is for you!

Filled with invaluable wisdom and humour, DateTalk holds nothing back (well, almost nothing) when it comes to love, relationships, dating, and sex.

Chapters include:

Decide Your Guide, I’ll Have A Whole One Please, Understanding the Opposite Sex, Lessons From Lovers’ Lane, SexTalk, and The HighWay.

This book will be most helpful for 16-28-year-olds with a Christian worldview who want to find a better way of doing relationships.

Remember: To love well is to live well.

Wolfi has presented his DateTalk seminar all over the world, and also as a series on his TBN UK television show, “The Art of Loving Well”, which airs in Europe and Africa. By his own admission, he was the world’s most useless boyfriend ever! This fuels his passion for sharing these life-changing DateTalk truths with you.

Love. Dating. Sex. Relationships.

When it comes to love, and loving well, we all need help!