Your expectations after fasting

If you've taken part in the annual global Every Nation week of fasting, #ENFast2020  #AmazingGrace2020, here are some thoughts about what to expect as we come to the end of this week... Fasting is not an end in itself, nor just a means to an end. It's not a magic formula. It's not just an extra …

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Create a 2020 “Pruning List”

You were created to be fruitful, but to bear good fruit every tree needs pruning. Here are some quick thoughts about how and what to prune this year: The Good things, Bad things, and Dead things... Prune well, and live well in 2020!

“I Kissed Dating Goodbye” vs. “DateTalk”

Many of you may have heard about the recent decisions made by Joshua Harris, author of the well-known book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" that was widely circulated among certain Christian groups from when it was published in 1997. Now he has publically fully recanted of his teaching in this book and apologised to his audience with …

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Life-Giving Conversations with Jesus

Over the past two months, I've been speaking regularly in a series titled "Life-giving Conversations with Jesus". In it we lean in and listen to some key conversations that Jesus had with individuals or groups, and glean some rich life-changing truth and revelation to help us in our lives and faith walk. Amongst other's, there's …

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The Art of Loving Well Book is now available!

I am super excited to announce that the new "The Art of Loving Well" book is completed and published, and now available to order on Amazon! (Paperback and Kindle, depending on where you are in the world).        While the DateTalk book published last year is focussed on all not-yet-marrieds (and we've been …

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What I “got to do” in 2018, and what will I “get to do” in 2019?

Do we "have to do" things, or "get to do things"? Have I "got to" or do I "get to"? I prefer to see all that I do as a privilege, so here's a list of 20 things I was privileged to "get to do" in 2018: Publish my DateTalk book Be a part of …

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25 years of our story of GOing to the nations

Today it is exactly 25 years since we arrived in London. Ali and I landed at London's Heathrow Airport on the 4th of September 1993. We came with a big bold dream to start a church that reached students and nations.   That was the beginning of an incredible God-adventure for us, and in this short …

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