It’s Super Sunday Weekend in London!

If you are anywhere close to London this weekend, join us for an incredible Sunday as all our three Every Nation congregations get together for one very special God-encounter!

This is a fantastic highlight time for us as a church across the region when all our three congregations come together as one to celebrate what God has done as well as being inspired to move boldly into the next season as the Spirit leads us.

Whether you are a regular at one of our congregations or not, you are most welcome.

Our guest speaker is pastor Brett Fuller who leads the dynamic Every Nation church in Washington DC called Grace Covenant. God has used him to make a significant impact in that great city, and I know that you will receive an impartation to thrive wherever God has called and positioned you.

We will be meeting in the Drewe Theatre – map here – By the photo above you can see our new updated venue set-up – really cool! There is plenty of free car parking in the surrounding streets.

The meeting will start at 10.30 and continue a little longer than usual until 12.30, followed by a free light lunch for all.
As always there will be a dynamic program for all children, with the youth staying in the service to join in the Super Sunday experience

We are also excited to be graduating our first set of Follow Course students who have taken the “Come> Grow > Lead” journey through Follow 1, 2, and 3.

Also coming up for you:

  • Great Relationships Day, Saturday 5 November. For all single/not-yet-marrieds, a day of relevant and rich straight-talking truth about relationships and sex. Open to all but you must register to book your place. All details and Free registration here
  • Freedom Day, Saturday 19 November. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who needs to break free from the past and experience a new level of freedom in Christ? All details and Free registration here.

Have a Super weekend friends!

Follow the Every Nation World Conference here!

I am currently in Cape Town South Africa for our 2016 Every Nation World Conference which happens somewhere in the world every 3 years. Below is a one minute video recap of the awesome opening night, and you can follow the messages and daily updates this week online here at

Every nation. Every Campus! 

How much should I give to the church?

Ok, lets tackle a big one and talk about money. And giving. For a change.

“Each one should give as they have decided in their hearts to give”

What have you decided to give? How do you conclude how much to give & where to give?

To help you decide right, here’s a message I called “The Heart of Giving” – I really believe it will bring you loads of freedom and faith in your financial giving.

  • See here for my “5 Truths about the tithe” series on Youtube (4-5 minute videos)
  • See here for our recent Hammersmith Congregation annual finance report. (16 minutes)


Our past year in 3 minutes…

Here’s a 3 minute round-up video of all that’s been happening at Every Nation London Hammersmith congregation this past year…

Thanks for all who are part of this awesome God-adventure in so many different ways!


Making Disciples. Making a Difference. 

Our story

Every Nation London Update

If you are part of the Hammersmith congregation of Every Nation London, here’s the update email sent out today in case you missed it:


This Sunday we meet in The Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park for some fun, rich connection and water baptisms! Details are:

  • We start at 11am.
  • Venue map here. We will be in the actual swimming area lawn so just find the Lido entrance to the left of the cafe and you can go in without paying.
  • Bring a picnic and a blanket.
  • Dress to impress (if you want!): There will be prizes for representing your favourite sports team or national colours.
  • More travel / parking details on our website here.

Thanks to many heroic efforts these past 7 days, we have moved into our new ministry base and the first of many life-changing events is already in full swing this weekend as we present the New Decisions Seminar in there! For your information and update, please note:

  • The Hub has our office in it, but its more than that: We envision it to be “a place of presence” where we can much more effectively run all our non-Sunday activities and an open door to engage with our community and city.
  • The new address is 188 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith, W6 7DJ
  • We have taken it on a six year lease, with a break clause option at 3 years, as we continue to dream for future building steps.
  • The cost is approx £3,000 per month more that our previous office, where we hadn’t had a rent increase for 16 years! Even so this new place is a very good financial deal at just over half the going rate for offices in the area. We appreciate your ongoing regular and faithful financial partnership to boldly continue our mission to make disciples and make a difference. Thank you!
  • The Hub fitting and refurbishment offering: We do need a fair bit of work and new furniture & equipment to turn this into a truly appealing ministry setting, and are trusting to raise £10,000 for this. Please consider contributing to this exciting new chapter during August and September. Just mark it “My Hub Gift” online here or on the envelope.

We are having 3 days of prayer & fasting from Mon 5 to Wed 7 September, and will end this with an evening or passionate praise & worship at The Hub as we consecrate ourselves afresh to the Lord for the next new season. We’ll kick this evening off with a “Hub-warming” for you to see it, with snack & drinks from 18.30-19.30, and the worship starting at 19.30 – 21.15ish. All welcome!

SUNDAY 4 SEPT: Back in our regular venue, with new “The Heart of…” series starts. This Sunday will also include our annual church finance report by our Finance Board.

And finally…

This is an excellent opportunity for you to grow in knowing God and strengthening your faith, and for meeting new people!

  • Follow One – four Mondays starting 19 Sept. Register here.
  • Folllow Two – 6 Mondays starting 12 Sept. Register here.
  • Follow Three – The 4 Mondays in November + Sat 10 Dec. Registration will open soon.

Enjoy the summer weekend friends!

Wolfi & the gang at Every Nation

Breaking into a new STRIDE…

You’ve all been to the stadium and seen the athletes race. Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. – 1 Corinthians 9:24-25  (The Message) 

Have you been enjoying some of the Rio Olympics? As we watch these athletes who have trained like crazy for years and now commit themselves fully in their attempt to win one of the coveted medals, this is an opportunity to think about our own life “race.”

“What you live for will determine how you live”

I believe that its a season for many to “break into a new stride.” A stride is taking decisive steps in a specified direction. If you are stopped, have stumbled, or are straying in your life, then put on you training kit and join me for this message to break into your new stride!

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7 truths about water baptism

We’ve been doing some serious clearing out of old stuff at our office in preparation for the anticipated move to our new “Every Nation London Hub.” (more about this another time.) I was given the task of deciding the fate of a crate of photo’s we’ve been storing for ages. What struck me as Ali and I went through these on a trip down memory lane, was that the majority of these “church” photo’s over the years were from four categories: Church together gatherings, mission trips, our Bible School graduations, and water baptisms – stacks of them in all sorts of places!  Actually I was quite encouraged by this, because isn’t that what Jesus instructed when He commissioned His followers to GO into all the world, and make disciples, baptising them… teaching them…

Water baptisms are one of my favourite things to be involved in, as they so powerfully demonstrate the message of Jesus, and what it means to follow Him. If you have never been baptised in water, here are a few truths about it for you to consider and respond to. (And if you are keen and ready, we have a great opportunity for water baptism coming up on Sunday the 28th August when we have our Church in Hyde Park service, which will include water baptisms in the Lido there.  Speak to a pastor or Connect group leader if you would like to be baptised too.)

So, here are 7 important truths I believe that the Scripture teaches about water baptism:

Water Baptism  is: Continue reading “7 truths about water baptism”