Inviting you to the new “Follow Course” starting on Monday!

I’m excited to announce that this coming Monday the 10th November we launch part one of our new “Follow Course”:  A life-changing journey of learning to follow Jesus as His disciple… Follow Course image cropped

It’s designed to help you intentionally move forward along your journey of following Jesus as His disciple, and is presented in three parts called Come, Grow, and Lead. These are based on what we we see in Jesus’ great invitation to those who wanted to be His disciples: “Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of people! – Matthew 4:19

  • Part 1: COME – The Invitation to Intimacy: “Come to Me” (4 weeks)
  • Part 2: GROW – The Invitation to Imitation: “I will make you” (7 weeks)
  • Part 3: LEAD – The Invitation to Influence: “Fishers of people”(7 weeks)

Part One starts on Monday 10th

You can register for free here (required, and spaces are limited)

What to expect? A creatively presented journey of exploring life-changing truths to help you establish a confident secure relationship with God through faith in Christ. And food!

Read more on our website here, and again, register for free here.

Come, join the adventure! 

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