Some of our Sabbatical pics…

Relaxing at Poppa Falls in the Caprivi Strip, North Eastern Namibia.
Relaxing at Poppa Falls in the Caprivi Strip, North Eastern Namibia.

As many of you may know, Ali and I took our first ever sabbatical break this summer, after 21 years of ministry here in the great city. Firstly we must say a huge thank you to everyone we serve with in London and in Europe for the amazing support and the teamwork that enabled us to leave without any concerns for the ministry. We are privileged to serve with the best of leaders, elders, staff and congregation members at Every Nation London!

It was a wonderful adventure over three continents, and suffice to say that it was a super rich time for us in so many ways, and summary as we get back I hear the words spoken by God to Joshua in chapter 13v1 “You have lived a long good life, and THERE IS STILL MUCH LAND TO TAKE!”  So we are back with thankful hearts and full of expectation for the next season in London and in Europe. We have posted a few photo’s along the way on Facebook, but since so many people have been asking to see some more photo’s, here are some more with some captions to describe our adventure. We also met SO many amazing old and new friends along the way, but I’ve not included people pics for the sake of privacy. (And if you feel that you could do with a sabbatical of your own, check out my tips on how to get one here!) 


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