Week of Prayer & Fasting

This week between Sunday 23 – Sunday 30 January is a week of Prayer & Fasting at Every Nation London. We encourage everyone to decide to fast from something specific for a specific time/times during this week, and seek God for themselves and it is also a time where we pray specifically over our Vision Focus for the year, asking the Holy Spirit to empower us to live out that which He is emphasising to the church for the year ahead.

Prayer & Fasting are powerful spiritual disciplines to connect you to the incredible refreshing and empowering of God as we set aside a focused a time to consecrate ourselves to Christ’s Lordship as you set aside something you crave and choose to seek and set aside time to meet with Jesus in prayer, Bible reading, and seeking and soaking in His presence.

To help you, please check out the following resources:

  • On Monday 24th, re-listen to the Vision Focus here, so you can respond to its personal application to you.
  • Download and print a personal prayer and fasting manual, with guide notes on various aspects of fasting.  
 The manual focuses on the Book of Joshua with the daily devotions containing opportune wisdom that will strengthen and challenge you to claim God’s promises for your life, your family and your ministry.
 Download it here.
  • Use the back page of the above manual to decide when and how you will fast. Note: We encourage you to make a prayerful decision about fasting. Stretch yourself, but don’t make rash decisions about a long fast if this is not a developed discipline. Start with 1,2 or 3 days. Or fast from lunch for a few days, or from TV, entertainment or FaceBook for a week, and use the time to seek the Lord. See our resources above for other tips.


  • Fasting is not only about what you DON’T do (eg eat), but what you DO do (seek the Lord).
  • The ability to fast comes more from DESIRE than from DISCIPLINE. Desire more of Him, and desire His more than your food, and see how amazingly He will fill you

Those who seek will find!

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