Every Nation London 2011 Vision Focus

In essence we believe that 2011 is a year to “Refresh our calling” to “Make Disciples & Make a Difference”– I invite you to take this word and run into it in 2011.. Gods going to refresh YOUR calling!

Check out my my 15 minute vision focus message to all of our congregations (For the complete messages from each individual congregation, see audio message note at end of this email.

Check out this new 2 minute “This is Every Nation London” video:

Download the full audio message here from our website (The first 20 minutes are a repeat of the video message, and then I share 6 specific applications of this “Refresh our calling” focus to the Hammersmith congregation. See our media downloads for the application messages from our other congregations.

My Hammersmith Congregation application of this Vision Focus message slides here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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