Be a James BONDservant…

This Sunday we start a new preaching series from the first chapter of the book of James. It’s about faith in the real world, and we’re looking for answers on what to do when you’re facing huge challenges, plagued by doubt, low on cash, tempted to sin, and wondering if Gods lost his voice?  Its going to be real, rich and relevant – so bring your friends and join us for powerful God-encounters through-out this series.

Last week I preached from James one verse one, entitling the message James BONDservant of the Lord….”  James didnt see himself as just an ordinary slave/servant with an ordinary master on an ordinary mission. No, He was James BONDservant of the God and the Lord Jesus Christ, on an incredible mission to send Gods greetings (of His eternal and temporary blessings) to those scattered among the nations!

BOND added to SERVANT makes all the difference. If you are a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and you get this BOND revelation your mission takes on all all-new importance. It becomes filled with adventure, intrigue, danger, exciting supernatural helps, escapes-from-impossible-situations, overcoming enemies, romance, and ultimately victory.  If your serving and mission has become “ordinary” and familiar to you, its time to get a new revelation of what it means to be a BONDservant. If you are a believer and follower of Christ, then you are not just “[ your name ], servant of the Lord” – no, you are “[ your name ], BONDservant of the Lord” – and your mission, should you accept it, is to take the greetings of your Master (whom you loves because He first loved you) to those scattered amongst the nations…  Make it your mission to give Gods Greetings of Good News to someone today.

You can listen to this message online here

Greetings from the Master,

Wolfi, BONDservant of the Lord…

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