Our Boracay Island adventure…

After an incredible Every Nation World Conference, we headed out to Boracay Island for a nine day break…beautiful beaches…HOT…good food…pool 3 meters from the door, and beach 30 meters from the door…great snorkelling, sailing, parasailing, and a kite-boarding course for me > A picture tells…

 Bora beach perfect

If you have read my “about me” page, I committed myself to having another go at kite-surfing after my first attempt ended in disaster in South Africa. Well, here was my chance and I have now sort of mastered the basics. Things were going well in this picture below, but the next day I destroyed a kite when I landed it in a Palm tree!  

Me on a Kite-surfing course…

Now for a parasailing take-off from a ski-boat…


Up, up, and away…an amazing view over the islands from here…


   Then down again for a dip…


These local sailing boats are fun…we sailed on the “Cutty Shark”!


And now we cant wait to be back in the great city!

3 thoughts on “Our Boracay Island adventure…

  1. Hi Eckleben family- it looks like your holiday was awesome- you all deserve it- can’t wait to have you guys back in the greatest city in the world
    Love the Wrights

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