Our 21.5 day Asia adventure…

I am sitting in a hotel room somewhere in the sprawling city of Manila, Philippines. We are here for our Every Nation World conference and have spent the past three days in a range of leadership meetings strategising and hearing great reports from all over the world. The conference proper starts this afternoon at the Araneta Coliseum, the site of the famous “Thrilla in Manila” Ali v Fraser boxing bout.  Just under 14,000 people from 45 different nations are registered, and we are set for a great “Thrilla”  weekend which has the potential to make its own history…

I have the privilege of being Emcee for the Sunday morning conference session and introducing pastor Steve Murrel as speaker, which I guess will be the largest crowd I have ever spoken to live. I preach twice on Sunday evening at one of the exciting Manila Every Nation churches here, then am doing translation (English to German!) at a wedding (Tanya from Austria to Mel from Manila) on Tuesday, followed by a holiday trip to Boracay Island (check this amazing place out here.)

After Boracay we are back in Manila on 3 August for a weekend of praching and a “DateTalk”day on Sat 4th…more about that later…I have a Thrilla to get to!  Have an awesome day wherever you find yourself in the world today…

3 thoughts on “Our 21.5 day Asia adventure…

  1. I am a volunteer-coordinator from kid’s church from every nation-fort manila and my husband played the 2ndkeyboard with the worship team during the world con. Just didn’t had the chance to approach and meet up with you pastor wolfi and your team coz i was running in and out from the coliseum to attend to our toddlers and nursery kids located at the back. wanna share that i referred at leat 3 friends working in london as nurses during your U.K.conference last november 2006. they said – they experienced revival during that 3 day conference. they didn’t regret filing an advance leave from their hospital work and since then – they are now connected to a small group and hoping to invite nore nurses. i hoped they made it in the world con here in manila. They are single ladies and men . I gave one of them – a book by Dr. Raunakar(choosing God’s Best) and they were so thankful that they had the chance to read it. Praying that you will be able to continually touch the lives of our single-nurses working in UK. One soul at a time. esp. with your “Date Talk” series – I’m sure they’ll gladly attend to if given the chance. (they have to travel an hour or more to attend to church services)Oh! by the way, you are a great emcee, pastor wolfi – those british accent we miss ! (it’s been a long time since my husband and i visited London. ) Hope to visit your ministry there soon! God Bless!

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