A wirlwind “DateTalk” weekend in Manila…

How I ever got into speaking any sense about relationships I may never know (nor will my wife!) – but it seems that my “DateTalk” messages are scratching the itch wherever I get the privilege to share them around the world. This weekend was no exception and we had a real “Thrilla in Manila” DateTalk weekend before flying back to London…


Friday night was a one off “DateNite” session with over 800 young people crammed into a 600 seater venue as we did some straight-talking about relationships and sex and everthing inbetween. We also had had a session on “Understanding the opposite sex”,  getting the point that “to be a lover, you need to be a learner…”

Saturday was the mega “DateTalk Day” with over 500 registering and having a rave day as I did my best sharing on:

  • “I’ll have a whole one please” (The best preparation you can make for fulfilled future relationship is a commitment to personal wholeness or “one-ness”)
  • “Lessons from Lovers Lane” (How NOT to do it)
  • “Doing it the HighWay” (The better way…)
  • “SexTalk” (Straight talk about the myths, the manual, and the mystery…)

I have now done this DateTalk Day in Innsbruck Austria, Dallas & Jacksonville USA, London, and its been used in Africa, in Ireland, and even some by our team in China, and the thing that amazes me is just how refreshing and relevant these messages continue to be, and the freedom and renewing they bring to single people in churches of so many different cultures.

anyway, its always a privilege and blessing to share this stuff, especially since I was about the most useless boyfriend anyone ever had…Gods grace IS amazing!

6 thoughts on “A wirlwind “DateTalk” weekend in Manila…

  1. Jennifer D. Reyes

    Hi Pator Wolfy,

    I am one of the attendees for the DateTalk held in Victory Center in Harrison Plaza, Manila, Philippines. Thanks for sharing this to the Philippines. It’s an eye opener for me. God bless!!!

  2. Maricar R. Addatu

    it’s been really a powerful message about date talk. although i didn’t attend with it last saturday because of my schedule, but last friday i’m one of those who attended and the word was really powerful that it refresh me with the things that GOD had really in store for His people,specially in terms of building our future family…to my fellow singles, even in small group, your sermon was indeed an encouragement to us….Thanks for sharing this to us, and i do believe and pray that this passion of yours will be heard to everynation, and hopefully i will have a copy of the date talk, last saturday…GOD BLESS!!!

  3. Darrell Llenado

    Hi Pastor! Thanks for spending time with the singles in Manila. We appreciate you so much and the things you’ve shared with us. My friends who have not been able to attend have been asking me to echo to them what has been discussed by you during the seminar in VCF Malate. I even had to publish on my multiply site the notes I took. Sir we sincerely hope and pray that very soon you’ll come up with a book on this matter. It’s inspiring. Thanks so much.

  4. Noel Ojerio

    Hello Big Brother!

    Thanks for being a blessing during DateTalk and in UBelt. Had a great fellowship with your family during lunch. You surely had a “tour ( or taste?) of the nations”. Regards to the Filipinos in U.K.

  5. Hi, Ptr. Wolfi.

    I want to thank you for sharing a different insight on the whole thing. It was a refreshing take on what most of us singles are, well, looking for. God bless you more. Thanks for having a heart to share the Godly perspective on relationships.

  6. Anita du Plessis

    Hi past Wolfi

    Warmest greeting from Cape Town. After we had the privilege of hearing you speak the Sunday evening after the conference we knew we would like to here the date talk. Not for ourselves, but for our children. As I read the comments on Darrell’s blog I realised that the older people who have been married for some time must invest time, knowledge, wisdom etc in the lives of the younger people so they can learn and get guidance and don’t make the same mistakes we did. Otherwise the next generation will only start with some baggage and God wants all to start free, healed and whole. Thank you so much for investing in their lives. God bless

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