Hope Challenge Final Feedback…

Our Hope Challenge has now well exceeded its initial £7,000 goal, and has now raised over £9,500!!!  The additional funds are going directly to provide some urgently needed relief to volunteer accommodation needs, as the short-, medium-, and long-term volunteers form a critical part of the Village of Hope success story. So if you are still raising cash, keep it coming in!

Listen to the audio below for the feedback Liz Lugt (Who has been leading this initiative at Every Nation London) at last Sundays church service: (Its set to a few slides because in the blog world its easier to do audio by video than on its own – strange world…)


One thought on “Hope Challenge Final Feedback…

  1. Liz Dillon

    Hey Guys,

    Great to hear how the Hope Challenge went. Amazing! And our God does provide, doesn’t He…

    It is encouraging to see what we can do together with His help.

    Missing you all.

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