“Purpose Post” – final

The End…but it’s just the beginning of a new life of purpose…

 40 Days of Purpose

Today, Friday the 7th, is “officially Day 40” of our purpose adventure at Every Nation London. You may only be on day 20 or somewhere in-between, but whatever you do, I want to encourage you to go all the way until you reach your personal “day 40.”  Evaluate where you are and draw up some sort of realistic schedule to give you a clear plan to complete the readings. Most of our lives are littered with unfinished business, good intentions, broken new years resolutions…and half-read books – don’t let this be another one of those!


This final week’s topic is: You are “Made for Mission – do make sure that you don’t just speed-read through in order to finish the book on schedule. The “points to ponder” in the “made for mission” chapters are worth lingering over:

Day 36: “I was made for mission” (Have I embraced this?)

Day 37: “God wants to say something to the world through me” (Take some time to write down your “life messages”)

Day 38: “The great commission is my commission” (Send me…I am willing to go)

Day 39: “Blessed are the balanced” (Do not misunderstand this statement!)

Day 40…why don’t you go to your book and have a look at it again now?

Once you are finished, keep up the good habit of a daily devotional by setting aside a regular time to:

Ø      Read your Bible (maybe read a chapter a day, starting with the Gospel of John, and then read through the book of Acts.)

Ø      Meditate (Always ask the Application question: How does this apply to my life?)

Ø      Pray (Pray “ACTS” – A for Adoration; C for Confession, T for Thanksgiving, and S for Supplication/requests)

If you have the time, take a look at these two inspiring video clips:

Both of them get massive applause from the crowd, but which one will get applause/reward in heaven?  As inspiring as the Paul Potts story is, there is a greater applause to live for. I hope that these 40 days have helped you decide which you want to live for.

 Pursue Gods purpose – there’s no better way to live!  

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