My Springbok Rugby outing

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting with a group of the Springbok rugby players for a Bible study/encouragement time here in London before their end-of-season game against the “Barbarians” side at the famous Twickenham stadium this afternoon.  These guys are obviously legends as the recent World Cup winners, but in their private lives they are just great guys who face the same challenges as you and I do, and who as Christians want to make as big a difference as they can.   We talked about the Spiderman quote that “with great power comes great responsibility“, and concluded that what God wants from us is first of all to “be” our unique selves growing in Christ-likeness (and not try to be like someone else or like others expect us to be) , and second of all to “be ready” to take opportunities which come our way. 

Officially I want to make my allegiance clear: I am an England supporter, and I also support any Christian player playing for any other team!  So go Christian Bokke! (but take good care of the Cup because the Sweet Chariot is just in for a major service and will be looking to bring it back home next time…!)

But seriously: My huge respect to those seriously talented but humble Christian men on the Springbok team who are trying their best with Christs help to be positive role models in a world where they are desperately neede… RESPECT> 

One thought on “My Springbok Rugby outing

  1. charlie

    Thanks for allowing me to participate in the bible study and meet some of stars from the springbok team. It was surprising for me, as an aspiring professional how modest some of these men were. And encouraging to see that they truly looked to God as their source in all things. I went from admiring their acheievments as athletes to admiring God’s faithfulness in their lives. The really do uphold their positionas role models, and give the glory to God.

    I guess like most people out there you grow up wanting to be great sportman, but I think it is would be nice to also grow into what God is for these men!

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