“Purpose Post” – week 1

At Every Nation London we have embarked on an exciting “40 days of purpose” adventure. Over the next 6 weeks I’ll post a weekly “Purpose Post” for some purpose reflections. If you’ve never done so, why not pick up a copy of Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” and join us on the adventure: It could revolutionise your life! (Any feedback or personal purpose comments welcome)

40 Days of Purpose

Purpose Post – week 1

“It’s not about you.”  Perhaps this is not the way you expected the journey to begin, but the reality is that the answers to our deepest longings in life don’t lie within us. We need to find them beyond ourselves.  This 40 day initiative was advertised as an invitation to “come on a seven-week adventure to discover the reason God put you on the earth.”  Our assumption on this journey of purpose is that there is a God who created us and who is still intricately involved with our lives. Even the well-known English atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell was intellectually honest enough to acknowledge that “unless you assume a God, the question of life’s purpose is meaningless.”  Those other English philosophers from Liverpool, the Beatles, sang that “all you need is love.”  I actually believe that we have two great needs in life:

  1. A need to belong – to be able to confidently say: “I am loved unconditionally” (despite of who I am)  

  2. A need for significance – to be able to confidently say: “My life matters”  

As you read and reflect this week, consider how content you are with these two areas of need in your life. Consider the proposition that your need to be loved unconditionally can only find its complete fulfilment in the love of God through Jesus Christ, and that your need for significance can be fully satisfied as you understand and being to live for Gods purposes for your life.  Simply said it means: “God loves you” & “God has a purpose for your life.” My prayer is that these two truths will become absolutely real to you personally over the next 40 day period, and form the foundation of the great life that lies ahead for you.   

An inspiring story:

For an inspiring example of someone living with a sense of purpose, have a look at this short video clip of youth leader Dave Sharples from Liverpool, speaking at the recent Conservative party conference here  

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