My China diary – Day 0&1 of 8

We arrived back late yesterday afternoon from a very fulfilling trip to China – and straight into preaching this morning at the launch of our “40 Days of purpose” series. We had an awesome time with a packed house and the message entitled “What on earth am I here for?” – available on our website.  We start reading through the “Purpose Driven Life” book on Monday 29th – why not join us on this purpose adventure?

Over the next few weeks I’ll do a few posts under the heading “MY CHINA DIARY” sharing my impressions and experiences…

Day 0 travel to Hong Kong

Our China teams have many stories to share about some of the dodgy airlines they’ve used over the 8 years of missions to China, so when I heard that we’d been booked on a “really cheap deal” on the unknown “Oasis” airlines to Hong Kong, I was expecting another adventure!  But we were in for a different kind of surprise, as we noticed that they had instrumental praise music playing on the Boeing as we embarked.  Next I noticed that the on-board entertainment guide included a Joel Osteen “inspirational” program, and a Tim Hughes music option. I don’t know the full story of Oasis airlines, but its something to do with a Christian in Hong Kong having a vision and together with some partners launching this airline which by all accounts is going from strength to strength.  From our experience, this is a Christian company setting a good example in a cut-throat industry. Fly Oasis!

Day 1 in Hong Kong

I’ve never been to HK so this was a team-photo-hkong.jpgwelcome stop-over for a day, and an opportunity to meet up with one of the 1000’s of ex-EN London hero’s and heroines who are now making a huge impact in nations around the planet. Sue A is one of these, now working for a multi-national, she is a huge blessing to our Every Nation church there and helped us get the most out of a one-day visit to one of the worlds great cities.  We also met up over for a good catch-up with pastors S & E who are doing a great job pioneering the church there. Here’s a photo of the London team with the HK sky-line as a back-drop: Me, Ali, our Abby, Ruth, Natalie & little Sasha, Claudia, our Amy, Trevor, and Kevin with Samuel.

Next we head for deep China to meet our “family” there…cant wait! Day 2 follows in a couple of days…

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