Going to the nations…on purpose…

I leave with a team today to visit a church in a nation where they dont exactly welcome Christians…I cant tell you where we’re going, but will tell you about it when we get back…in just over a week…

 At the same time, we’re gearing up with great anticipation for a “40 days of purpose” initiative here in London on Sunday 28th…


We’re enjoying a great church season with growth and joy and some good God stories… I’ll be back from this other nation soon with some more God stories I’m sure… Remeber: We are blessed to be a blessing to the nations.

And off course, I have to mention RUGBY – GO ENGLAND IN THE WOLRD CUP FINAL!   It just goes to show that its never too late for a come-back…

2 thoughts on “Going to the nations…on purpose…

  1. Glenn Chapman

    Hi Wolfi, you guys in London really are on the move. Great to see the church moving and stretching it’s legs, arms and hands. Sorry that we had to spoil your World Cup ambitions at the final hurdle. GO BOKKE!!!!! Blessings from a very sunny and happy South Africa.

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