How to “Pray Again”

“Elijah was a man with a nature just like ours…  he prayed again, and heaven sent its rain, and earth produced its fruit.”  – James 5;17&18

Elijah’s “Pray Again” is not about “praying again for the same things,” but its a wake-up to hear the sound of heaven and transition into Gods new season for you… In part 1 & 2 I’ve preached about the Promise, The Problems, and some of the Practicals of “How to Pray Again”. This Coming Sunday at Hammersmith I’ll finish this word in season off with 2 keys to making it into and through to the next new season:

  1. Go and look…
  2. Go back…

Its time to “pray again” because heaven’s rain is ready – are you?

Here’s a link to the audio message of part 2 of “How to Pray Again” 

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