Wolfi’s view…on fasting

I know that you are all going to be excited about this one!  This Thursday the 17th in London we start a “24ten” – ten days of prayer and fasting for our church and our city, with the simple heart cry of “Let Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done in London, Lord!”

Relax, we are not commanding or co-ercing anyone into a hunger strike or spiritual arm-wrestling competition. We are simply calling each one in our congregation to go a little deeper in this spiritual discipline. Maybe for you its fasting from one meal of 3 days,  from TV for 10 days, fasting for one whole day, for 3 whole days, or ten days (dont make any rash decisions – start with small steps if you’ve never done this before) – whatever is right for you to go a little deeper.  (Listen to my wife Alison’s sermon message from this past Sunday on “Developing a holy hunger” if you need some truth to inspire your spiritual hunger).

 Personally I am actually looking forward to these ten days of fasting this time. Something has changed in me, because this is SO different to how I felt before the previous few fasts we have done in our church leadership. I hated the thought of those, but was hugely blessed once I got into it.  This time its different, and I’ll share some of the “why” here over the next few days.  In fact, to help us on our journey, I will post a blog on some “Fasting truths & tips” to be available for you first thing every morning during the ten days starting this Thursday 17th. Whatever your fasting decision, check in every day and I hope some of it will help. 

Remember, that like for Spiderman, “The greatest battle lies within”…

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