Welcome to a blog about all sorts of stuff from my point of view…

I ‘ll try to…

  • Give you a glimpse into our church life from my senior pastor viewpoint…
  • I’ll share some devotional and leadership insights from the Scriptures…
  • Now and again I’ll post a sermon preview or reviews of messages preached at Every Nation London
  • my views on some current affairs in our world…
  • and I’ll post some fun personal stuff to let you know I’m human…
  • …all comments/ disagreements/ testimonies welcome>

“The higher you soar, the further you’ll see…” – so for a better view, LIVE HIGHER!!

To see what else I’m up to, check out our website at www.everynation.co.uk

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16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. hi pastor wolfi! i work in manila at the fort for lynn nawata. just learned about your blog today and stopped by to say hello. =) looking forward to seeing you and your family this july!

  2. Glenn Wilson

    Hi Wolfi & Ali (and the whole London family)

    This is a fantastic site! Congratulations to all involved, I have found it both inspiring and challenging … not to mention that it makes us miss London 🙂

    Love to all from Glenn, Kerry, Stephanie, Joshua, Jonathan and Kathleen Wilson in Cape Town. Hopefully we will be seeing you all one day soon.

  3. Jaci Hood

    Hi there Wolfi and Ali,
    It’s been a while …

    Got an email from Frans this morning and it prompted me to a look at your website. Looks really great and so inspirational! Well done!

    Hope you are all doing well.

    Much love
    Jax, Steve, Jared, Nathan and Gaby – Cape Town, RSA

  4. Wolfi,

    Now this is a blast from the past! I looked you up on the internet and found this site. You may recall me from Officers Course in Gordon’s Bay in 1983. Shane Watkins and Frans Gouws (currently living in London too) and I are trying to locate the officers course of 1983 participants. We would like to have a “25 years on” reunion. At this stage we simply want to find out where everone is.

    Please send me you email contact details to the mail above.

    Glad to see you are furthering the Lord’s work. I am a member of Tokai Community Church in Cape Town.


  5. Bekka Chapman

    well i just wanna say, erm…
    yeah okay…
    i cant remember what i was gonna say so…
    it’ll come back to me…
    and when it does i’ll let u no

  6. bekka chapman

    listen here people. i was only on here because i was desperately bored. i mean, like, type in the word ‘the’ on google just to see what it comes up with, kinda bored.
    anyway, why the heck is your welcome section at the back? i thought you welcome someone as soon as you see them not once their leaving.

  7. Marion Friedrichs

    Hi Wolfi & Ali,
    finally made it to check out your blog and was so happy to find all the photos of Siggi and Family, Gudrun and of course you guys. THANKS SO MUCH! Your web is great! Couldn’t find a contact adress for Siggi, will contact you for details.

  8. Itsy Miura

    Hey Wolfi

    Thank you x

    My prayers for a blessing-filled week for you and your family – hope to see you again soon x

  9. Laura Ford

    This is to post a need: In Moldova 400,000 girls have been trafficked for sex. The orphanages release the girls (and boys) at age 16, give them 30 or so dollars, and send them on a bus to their town of birth. Upon arrival the “vultures” are waiting for them. They pull up in a nice car and offer the girls a made-up job, and within 24 hours they are treated brutally and are forced into sex slavery with as many as 30 men a day. Philip Cameron has a ministry to help these girls. Moldova does not allow anyone from outside their country to adopt their children, but Philip Cameron Ministries has built a house for 12 of these girls, and another is being finished that will house 24 more. In these houses they learn about Jesus; they have a safe place, clean, with regular meals, and are provided education and vocational training. We can help; he needs our help. I remember the movie Schindler’s list, at the end when he was presented with the gold ring from the gold teeth of some of those he saved. When he saw that there was more resource available that wasn’t used, he was broken and cried, “I could have saved 1 more person.” We can save 1 more girl in Moldova.
    Please, go to his web site at http://www.philip-cameron.org. God bless you.

  10. Valia

    Hello from Ukraine
    Pastor Wolfi, this is great site, interesting and inspirational!! You do important work!
    Blessings you all! take care!
    Thank you for everything!

  11. Greetings from Marysville, WA USA.

    I’m a pastor of a church plant called Marysville New Life. In preparing for a sermon series in Hebrews 11, I stumbled across your logo from your “Heroes” series. May I have permission to use your logo for our series- I love it!

    Also if you have any other resources from your series I’d love to steal…er, use it if it is permissable!



  12. Dear brother, saw you on line for the first time this morning . Never heard of you untill a neighbour encouraged me to give an ear to what you had to say . I was so delighted that I did . Great to hear someone who is happy to be who they really are and not try to emulate someone they admire . Loved it ,loved you , perhaps one day I can get that great S.A. hug . God bless you and may He permit you to live long and love much. Martin Chilvers

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