The Date Talk Series

When it comes to relationships, We have all been hurtwe all need a lot of help!

One of my passions is to help people do relationships well, and my DateTalk series is a key part of this quest. I’ve had the privilege of doing this in many places around the world, and have had very positive feedback – I hope that they will be helpful to you as well.

I had the privilege of filming the DateTalk series at TBN UK TV studios in 2015, and these are now available to view for free anytime you need them on our Every Nation London Youtube channel. These rich and relevant truths have helped many  not-yet-married to do navigate the exciting but often difficult and confusing relationship journey better, and I hope they will help you too – or pass this link onto someone you think may benefit!  Each episode is under 28 minutes long, so possibly a resource to watch with a small group and then discuss.

You can also download outline notes for the series here to help you or follow along.

Here’s the first episode below, and the complete series  our Youtube here. Enjoy, and let me know if they help you!

The six episode titles are:

  1. I need help!
  2. I’ll have a whole one please!
  3. Understanding the opposite sex
  4. Lesson’s from Lover’s Lane
  5. SexTalk
  6. Doing it the High Way.


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