The DateTalk Book

The DateTalk book is now available! Have you got yours yet? Or get one for someone who could do with some help! To view a sample, see what it's about, view a sample, or purchase online. "DateTalk" on Amazon or iBooks or via links below: AMAZON -  Kindle Edition or Paperback iBooks store here      In South …

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Join me for DateTalk Day this Saturday!

Yes, its that awesome time again! I am SO looking forward to teaching this impacting material in the cool  Stratford Circus, venue this Saturday 10 - 5.30.  This day is super relevant to all non-married people to help you navigate the exciting/ challenging/ sometime confusing/ often painful /supposed to be easy - journey of relationships.  We …

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“Jesus & Homosexuality” – this Saturday

This Saturday 9-12 is our monthly EQUIP event, covering the hot topic of "Jesus & Homosexuality."   Details on our website here

Got dating questions? Need some direction?

Got Dating Questions? Meed some wisdom and direction? Then join us this Saturday for breakfast and a morning of rich helpful discussion. We'll tackle and questions you have and look at the Bible to help us maximise our relationships. Time: 09.00 - 12.00 Venue: Church Office I look forward to seeing you there!!

DateTalk 5 – “Lets talk about S.E.X.”

I'm only putting the "." between the letters trying to get around the filters (not sure if it helps...but maybe thats the same as trying to prevent the real consequences of s.e.x. with a condom?) - anyway, this message is some straight talk about the "myths", the "manual" and the "mysteries" of s.e.x. - and …

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LoveLife Part 7 – “Love Me Do”

This part of the LoveLife story focusses on the reality that love can "grow cold," and what used to be romantic becomes routine, to the point that the hard hardens and we lose the love and hope we once had. Married couples lose love and joy, and single people loose hope and joy … There …

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LoveLife Part 6 – Sex on Fire [remix] Q&A

LoveLife Part 6 is a panel discussion response to the piles of questions which have been sent in throughout the series. The purpose of the session is not about giving absolute and definitive answers to these questions, as you will agree that this would be impossible to do in the 40 minutes we've got for this …

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LoveLife Part 5 – Sex on Fire

This weeks LoveLife song starts on a bed, and ends in a garden. (Video of message at bottom of this post) First verse: 1 All night long on my bed I looked for the one my heart loves; I looked for him but did not find him. .... (Last verse in chapter 4 v 16) …

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LoveLife Part 4 – Fight for this love

This weeks LoveLife message focussed on fighting for the relationships that we value. In the Song of Songs, as the lovers are making a move and their relationship is progressing oh so sweetly, they receive a warning: "Catch the little foxes that spoil the vine"... Here is some feedback we received from the Hammersmith service …

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LoveLife Part 3: “Make That Move”

Part 3 covers Song of Songs Chapter 2 v 2 - 13 This part of the Song of Songs is about the two being drawn to one another and moving quickly from the banqueting house to the bedroom, before they come to their senses and say STOP to the passion driving the move! Don't stir …

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