Here’s a Christmas present from me to you: A free sample of my new book!

I'm super excited about the next book I've been working on this year, "The Art of Loving Well". We're due to publish in the first quarter of 2019, but I thought I'd let you have a sneak preview of the first few chapters for free. It's about "Ten powerful ways to change your relational climate", …

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DateTalk 5 – “Lets talk about S.E.X.”

I'm only putting the "." between the letters trying to get around the filters (not sure if it helps...but maybe thats the same as trying to prevent the real consequences of s.e.x. with a condom?) - anyway, this message is some straight talk about the "myths", the "manual" and the "mysteries" of s.e.x. - and …

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DateTalk 4 – “Doing it the Highway”

"All you need is love".... and a bunch of good advice & wisdom!    If you are in a not-yet-married relationship or about to pursue one... then this will be worth watching... You can download my DateTalk summary notes here

DateTalk Part 2 – “Understanding the opposite sex”

We generally reject what/who we don't understand... Men and women ARE different - get some tips here as I talk about "Understanding the opposite sex"... You can download the summary notes here

LoveLife Part 2: “Just the way you are”

One feedback card from a first time guest at this weeks LoveLife message from Song of Songs read: "A most interesting and convicting message that has made change on the inside." - wow... trust this will bless you too. This part of the song starts with “I” and its all about you as the vital …

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