How to R.E.A.P. your Bible

This will help you GROW this year! If you're a Christian, you've heard these... "Read your Bible every day""God speaks to you from the Scriptures""Meditate on the Word""Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the Word of God" These are just some of the many encouragements / instructions (or condemnations?) regularly heard in Christian circles. …

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Daily Devotion from Luke, pt 1

I've just started reading through the Gospel of Luke, and I thought I'd like to share the journey by posting a few devotionals as I go along. If you are not reading your Bible consistently at the moment, why not join me and start reading slowly through the book of Luke with me? Remember: "Systematic …

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Developing your Personal Devotions

If you need some help with this at the start of this new year, have a look at some tips from me below: Developing your Personal Devotions.