“I Kissed Dating Goodbye” vs. “DateTalk”

Many of you may have heard about the recent decisions made by Joshua Harris, author of the well-known book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" that was widely circulated among certain Christian groups from when it was published in 1997. Now he has publically fully recanted of his teaching in this book and apologised to his audience with …

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The DateTalk Book

The DateTalk book is now available! Have you got yours yet? Or get one for someone who could do with some help! To view a sample, see what it's about, view a sample, or purchase online. "DateTalk" on Amazon or iBooks or via links below: AMAZON -  Kindle Edition or Paperback iBooks store here      In South …

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Watch the DateTalk series on TBN!

I had a huge privilege of recording my DateTalk series at the stunning TBN UK studios recently, and the series starts airing tomorrow  - Wednesday 14th Oct at 11.30pm.  The "show" is called "The Art of Loving Well" and the DateTalk series consists of 6  x 30 minute episodes. I'm trusting that it will be …

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Join me for DateTalk Day this Saturday!

Yes, its that awesome time again! I am SO looking forward to teaching this impacting material in the cool  Stratford Circus, venue this Saturday 10 - 5.30.  This day is super relevant to all non-married people to help you navigate the exciting/ challenging/ sometime confusing/ often painful /supposed to be easy - journey of relationships.  We …

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Got dating questions? Need some direction?

Got Dating Questions? Meed some wisdom and direction? Then join us this Saturday for breakfast and a morning of rich helpful discussion. We'll tackle and questions you have and look at the Bible to help us maximise our relationships. Time: 09.00 - 12.00 Venue: Church Office I look forward to seeing you there!!

DateTalk 5 – “Lets talk about S.E.X.”

I'm only putting the "." between the letters trying to get around the filters (not sure if it helps...but maybe thats the same as trying to prevent the real consequences of s.e.x. with a condom?) - anyway, this message is some straight talk about the "myths", the "manual" and the "mysteries" of s.e.x. - and …

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DateTalk 4 – “Doing it the Highway”

"All you need is love".... and a bunch of good advice & wisdom!    If you are in a not-yet-married relationship or about to pursue one... then this will be worth watching... You can download my DateTalk summary notes here

DateTalk 3 – “Lessons for the morning after…”

A man goes to a photography shop with a framed picture of his girlfriend. He wanted another copy of the photo. This involved removing it from the frame. The assistant noticed the inscription on the back of the photograph. My dearest Tom. I love you with all of my heart. I love you more and …

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DateTalk Part 2 – “Understanding the opposite sex”

We generally reject what/who we don't understand... Men and women ARE different - get some tips here as I talk about "Understanding the opposite sex"... You can download the summary notes here

DateTalk Part 1 – “I’ll have a whole one please!”

Here are my two rules for Valentines Day cards: Dont send more than one! (Thats called desperation, deception and will defraud at least one person...) If you cant sign it, don't send it! (Love is always a risk, so take out some "insurance"- see DateTak part 4 - and sign it!) Now here's the DateTalk …

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