5 Threats to the Vision

Vision has the potential to be a very powerful thing. But it’s not an easy thing to execute.

January is over. How’s the vision you or your organisation had for this year going?

Recently I have been doing a fair amount of processing about vision, because at Every Nation London we have just had our annual “Vision Focus Sunday” where we share what the elders and pastors sense that the Spirit is saying to the church for the next season. It’s not a new mission (because we are very clear about that), but a focus on a particular area that is on God’s heart for us to move His mission forward through the church. 

Casting a clear and compelling vision is one role a leader cannot delegate, and fulfilling a vision is something no leader can do on their own. Envisioning people is a great skill that ultimately gets everyone on board owning the vision as if it was their own.

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision, and make it clear, so that those who read it, will run with it. – Habakkuk 2:2

But once a clear and compelling vision is cast, I have noticed that there are at least 5 great threats to vision becoming reality: Continue reading “5 Threats to the Vision”

Some Food for Thought…on fasting!

This is a BIG week as our Every Nation family around the world joins together for our first ever annual global fast!#ENfast2017 Bottle-of-water-007

To help you get focused and inspired, I’ve compiled a collection of my thoughts about fasting from previous blog posts that I have done over the years. Hope they help!

  • Also, be sure of course to download Pastor Jim Laffoon’s Devotional Guide for the week on “Knowing God” here
  • Follow your Every Nation spiritual family around the world via #ENfast2017

So here are 15 helpings of food for thought for you as you fast!

(You can view or download the whole collection via the contents links below)

  1. When you fast… 

  2. The mystery of fasting… 

  3. Fasting as an act of consecration.

  4. Getting Practical about Fasting 

  5. Clear your diary, not just your plate

  6. Fasting: Desire or Denial?

  7. Don’t forget to eat when you are fasting!

  8. Why do Disciples fast?

  9. When should we fast?

  10. I fast because I’m hungry!

  11. Fasting: Expect the Power… 

  12. Fasting to lose weight… 

  13. Fasting to Give them something to eat. 

  14. The Reward of Fasting 


January @ Every Nation London

Here’s what on at Every Nation London this January for you…

“GET SET” – a preaching Series to help you position yourself for God’s GO for you in 2017

Every Nation Worldwide week of prayer & fasting – Mon 9- Fri 13th
As is our custom, we will again start this year with a week of prayer and fasting to commit ourselves to Christ and His cause. This year, however, our International Apostolic Team has led a new initiative whereby all our Every Nation churches from over 70 nations around the world will be fasting and praying together in the same week! #ENfast2017

Three actions for all of us:

  1. Choose your fast: When? From What?
  2. Download the Devotional Prayer Guide for the week here.
  3. Try to attend the church prayer meetings at The Hub that week as follows:
    • For Women only – On Thursday 12th, 19.30 – 21.00
    • For Men only – On Friday 13th, 19.30 – 21.00
    • (Stratford & Slough on different dates)

2017 All Leaders Day, Sat 21st – Leaders, have you registered for this annual highlight event yet? Register here. (If you are unsure whether this applies to you, please speak to any of our staff to see if this is for you).

The Follow Course: Your opportunity to grow in knowing God and to strengthen your faith. Note the start of the next courses: (For Slough and Stratford congregations see here)

Connect Groups – these launch from Sunday 15th – Find one near you here.

Vision Focus Sunday – 29th – God’s got some great plans for us in 2017!


My New Series on TBNUK TV

My new “The Art of Loving Well” series called “How to Experience the Prodigal Love of God” premieres on TBN UK TV this Weekend from Friday 6 Jan!

When: Fridays 20.30 UK time, and repeated on Saturdays 15.30, for 8 weeks.

What’s it about: “How to Experience the Prodigal Love of God” is an exciting journey of 8 episodes following a man who one day made a life-changing decision when he decided “I will go back to my father” – join the journey and experience the Fathers extravagant love for yourself! It’s time for your restoration!

How to watch: In the UK on On FREEVIEW CHANNEL 65 / SKY CHANNEL 582

Anywhere in the world: Oline at https://www.tbnuk.org/live-streaming

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-11-11-54And yes, I’m probably the first to preach barefoot in the TBN studio… but only from episode 7…


You can view the previousThe Art of Loving Well series via the TNB UK website On Demand service, which only requires a simple registration here. 

  • Series One: “DateTalk” – For all non-marrieds of how to do relationships well (6 episodes)
  • Series Two: “Changing your Relational Climate” – 7 key Relational skills that will cause flourishing n your relational environment. (8 Episodes)

How to R.E.A.P. your Bible more in 2017

This will help you GROW in 2017! 

If you’re a Christian, you’ve heard these…

“Read your Bible every day”

“God speaks to you from the Scriptures”

“Meditate on the Word”

“Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the Word of God”

These are just some of the many encouragements / instructions (or condemnations?) regularly heard in Christian circles. Yet from an anonymous “Hidden habits” survey we conducted in our London Hammersmith congregation a while ago, I realised again that the discipline and delight of a rich, regular, and meaningful daily interaction with God through Scripture is not the norm for many believers. I won’t bore you with the stats, but suffice to say that the answer’s given to the question “On average, how many days a week do you take a deliberate moment to read the Bible?” showed that many well-meaning believers struggle with this life-given habit. Sadly, Facebook seems so much more attractive that the Faithbook!

Pause: How would you personally answer that question right now?

From personal and pastoral experience, I believe that the habit of a regular rich meaningful interaction with the Bible is by far one of the mist important spiritual disciples for any disciple of Jesus, and is the major determining factor for a consistent and victorious faith walk through all circumstances of life.

So how does one do it? MY ANSWER: Don’t just “read” the Bible – “R.E.A.P” it!

Here are a few tips from me to help you get going or to revitalise a rich, regular devotional time with God:

Continue reading “How to R.E.A.P. your Bible more in 2017”

34 flights and more in 2016! A quick review…

Dear friends and readers, wishing you the very best over this Christmas season and as your prepare for the new year!

On our side, we have much to be thankful for in 2016, with a few highlights including: (I’ve added a collage of photos at the end of this post)

On a personal front,

  • Ali & I celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary (In Mauritius!)
  • Amy & Abby both thriving at university, with Amy now in her final year!
  • In 2016 I took 34 flights and travelled to 12 different nations – most for ministry, some for adventure!
    • New nations visited this year: Albania, The Netherlands, The Vatican & Mauritius.
    • Other nations revisited: Italy, 3x to Austria, 2x to France, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Ireland, South Africa. (+Nothern Ireland & 2x to Scotland)
  • And of course, I had a few important (snow) board and (paddle)board meetings too…

And on a ministry front… Continue reading “34 flights and more in 2016! A quick review…”

It’s Super Sunday Weekend in London!

If you are anywhere close to London this weekend, join us for an incredible Sunday as all our three Every Nation congregations get together for one very special God-encounter!

This is a fantastic highlight time for us as a church across the region when all our three congregations come together as one to celebrate what God has done as well as being inspired to move boldly into the next season as the Spirit leads us.

Whether you are a regular at one of our congregations or not, you are most welcome.

Our guest speaker is pastor Brett Fuller who leads the dynamic Every Nation church in Washington DC called Grace Covenant. God has used him to make a significant impact in that great city, and I know that you will receive an impartation to thrive wherever God has called and positioned you.

We will be meeting in the Drewe Theatre – map here – By the photo above you can see our new updated venue set-up – really cool! There is plenty of free car parking in the surrounding streets.

The meeting will start at 10.30 and continue a little longer than usual until 12.30, followed by a free light lunch for all.
As always there will be a dynamic program for all children, with the youth staying in the service to join in the Super Sunday experience

We are also excited to be graduating our first set of Follow Course students who have taken the “Come> Grow > Lead” journey through Follow 1, 2, and 3.

Also coming up for you:

  • Great Relationships Day, Saturday 5 November. For all single/not-yet-marrieds, a day of relevant and rich straight-talking truth about relationships and sex. Open to all but you must register to book your place. All details and Free registration here
  • Freedom Day, Saturday 19 November. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who needs to break free from the past and experience a new level of freedom in Christ? All details and Free registration here.

Have a Super weekend friends!