A Personal Health Update. 30 Jan 2022

On Sunday 30 Jan 2022 I made a public announcement about my health situation as recently diagnosed. Here’s the 15-minute clip from our Every Nation London service with this news, as well as a brief update on our building situation and a faith focus to help us navigate through this all. Thank you for all the incredible support and prayers as this has been shared. God’s got this! A miracle or two in the making!

2 thoughts on “A Personal Health Update. 30 Jan 2022

  1. Evelyn Bergk

    Wolfi so sorry to hear of your cancer but we have all the promises of God Trinity to keep our faith fueled as we pray for you and break the chains of Satan in Jesus mighty name and blood. We love you and yours and will
    keep praying for you and your family. May your healing come soon. Eve and Hans Bergk.with lots of love. (Frans’s parents)

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