The Art of Loving Well Book is now available!

I am super excited to announce that the new “The Art of Loving Well” book is completed and published, and now available to order on Amazon! (Paperback and Kindle, depending on where you are in the world). 
TAOLW_FrontCover.jpg     TAOLW_BackCover.jpg

While the DateTalk book published last year is focussed on all not-yet-marrieds (and we’ve been getting great feedback on this), this Art of Loving Well book is really widely applicable to prompt some genuine growth and change in every relationship, whether at work, friendships, marriage, church, small group, your team, and even that grumpy neighbour and aunt! 
To get your copy, simply search “The Art of Loving Well” on Amazon, or use this link here to “look inside”
I hope you’ll be blessed by the book, and if you are, please do leave me a review on Amazon if you have access. 
Remember: To Love Well is to Live Well! 

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