What I “got to do” in 2018, and what will I “get to do” in 2019?

Do we “have to do” things, or “get to do things”? Have I “got to” or do I “get to”? I prefer to see all that I do as a privilege, so here’s a list of 20 things I was privileged to “get to do” in 2018:

  1. Publish my DateTalk book
  2. Be a part of training the next generation of Europe-impacting leaders through our EN Europe School of Ministry
  3. Finished writing and publishing the complete set of Follow Course manuals
  4. Host the Every Nation Europe BUILD Conference in London (wasn’t that just amazing!)
  5. Interview Nicky Gumble (He’s an incredible leader and follower!)
  6. Host the Every Nation International Apostolic Team summit in London
  7. Celebrate 25 years since arriving in the Great City! (Wow, God has been faithful!)
  8. Got our street together to help out a neighbour in need and clean up their yard (Making a Difference!)
  9. Speak at Jesus House with pastor Agu (I love what Jesus is doing in His wider church!)
  10. Paddle right up to a whale in Hermanus, SA (wow, wow!)
  11. Have a few awesome days off-piste on my snowboard, and a ski trip with my awesome daughter Amy
  12. Run my 50th parkrun
  13. Got our community together to clean up an eyesore in our local park
  14. Wrote my next book “The Art of Loving Well” due to be published in early 2019!
  15. See God lead and work in wonderful ways as we sought a new Sunday meeting venue for our West London congregation! (Jesus is faithful to His church!)
  16. Lead with a great team in London, Europe and the wider Every Nation world (The best!)
  17. Attend my awesome mom’s 80th birthday in South Africa! – the first time at her birthday in 25 years! (She’s incredible and her faith infectious!)
  18. Preach the Good News and Truth of Jesus to our awesome London church, and many other places!
  19. I got to celebrate our 27th year of marriage to my amazing wife Ali! (wow wow wow!)
  20. I got to Make Disciples and Make a Difference, reach and raise student leaders, encourage & equip church planters and leaders… ok there are too many things still to add, so I’ll stop!

I’m excited and wonder what we will “get to do” in 2019?

What are you trusting to “get to do” in 2019?

#ThereIsMore, so #MakeRoomForGodsMoreIn2019


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