Have a Fruitful and Productive week

At Every Nation London we have a God-dream this year, which is to “share the amazing life-changing message of Jesus with more people than ever before, both individually and as a church.”  (You can listen to me sharing our Vision Focus here.)vision-focus-2017

I have personally decided that I don’t want to teach or encourage anything that I am not personally living out. It’s easy to theorise on sharing the gospel, but that often leads to those listening to us being discouraged because their reality doesn’t match our theory. So let’s GO and live it… and tell what happened.
BEING FRUITFUL: Here are 3 “As we GO” thoughts for the week for you to live and pass on to others you lead, influence and disciple:

  1. GO your way (Not mine, but your own style. Do the online Missions Styles survey here)
  2. Have A GO… (We only grow as we GO, so just GO and see what happens!)
  3. GO with God (He is with us as a mighty awesome One, with His power, gifts, presence, wisdom, opportunities, peace, favour, blessing, ETC! See Matthew 28:20)
BEING PRODUCTIVE: Here’s a good blog by Michael Hyatt on: “The surprising benefit of being inflexible” to help your personal productivity at work or generally this week.
QUESTION: Can you list 3 things in your weekly routine that are “NON-NEGOTIABLES”?
Have a fruitful and productive week friends!

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