5 Threats to the Vision

Vision has the potential to be a very powerful thing. But it’s not an easy thing to execute.

January is over. How’s the vision you or your organisation had for this year going?

Recently I have been doing a fair amount of processing about vision, because at Every Nation London we have just had our annual “Vision Focus Sunday” where we share what the elders and pastors sense that the Spirit is saying to the church for the next season. It’s not a new mission (because we are very clear about that), but a focus on a particular area that is on God’s heart for us to move His mission forward through the church. 

Casting a clear and compelling vision is one role a leader cannot delegate, and fulfilling a vision is something no leader can do on their own. Envisioning people is a great skill that ultimately gets everyone on board owning the vision as if it was their own.

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision, and make it clear, so that those who read it, will run with it. – Habakkuk 2:2

But once a clear and compelling vision is cast, I have noticed that there are at least 5 great threats to vision becoming reality:

  1. The Division Threat: A lack of unity or agreement. How can two walk together unless they are agreed. Division is either a leadership problem (not getting key stakeholders on board well), a follower problem (Pride, dissent, lack of commitment, etc.), or a spiritual problem (there is always an evil spirit that works to divide a house).
    • Where there is division, the vision will die.
  2. The Distraction Threat: A lack of commitment. Too many people and organisations are far too easily distracted with the next new thing, or the easy things. These quickly lead you off the highway of your vision focus, and back into wandering aimlessly around in the valleys.
    • You will not fulfil your vision by following visionS.
  3. The Provision Threat: A lack of resources. Every vision needs provision. Every vision faces a resourcing challenge. Raising, managing, and using resources well are key parts to ensuring that vision is fulfilled. Don’t just love the vision – be a provider for the vision.  
    • Without provision, the vision will rarely come to pass.
  4. The Dilution Threat: A lack of focus. You cannot do everything. Vision requires laser sharp focus on the one, or at most the few, most important things. If you try to do everything, you won’t end up achieving anything.
    • If you stay focussed on the main thing, you will be surprised what other things you will achieve in the periphery.
  5. The Indecision Threat: A lack of action. Dreaming is great, but the is a time to “run with the vision.” This takes a plan and strategy. What’s the next step? What are the key inputs that will ensure the desired output?
    • If these don’t happen, vision will at best be a dream.


  • Do you have a vision for your life this year or for your organisation or church?
  • Which of these is the greatest threat to the vision becoming reality?
  • What do you need to overcome that threat? 

(you can listen to our 2017 Every Nation London Vision Focus message here – it will be loaded on the site by Wednesday this week)

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