Some Food for Thought…on fasting!

This is a BIG week as our Every Nation family around the world joins together for our first ever annual global fast!#ENfast2017 Bottle-of-water-007

To help you get focused and inspired, I’ve compiled a collection of my thoughts about fasting from previous blog posts that I have done over the years. Hope they help!

  • Also, be sure of course to download Pastor Jim Laffoon’s Devotional Guide for the week on “Knowing God” here
  • Follow your Every Nation spiritual family around the world via #ENfast2017

So here are 15 helpings of food for thought for you as you fast!

(You can view or download the whole collection via the contents links below)

  1. When you fast… 

  2. The mystery of fasting… 

  3. Fasting as an act of consecration.

  4. Getting Practical about Fasting 

  5. Clear your diary, not just your plate

  6. Fasting: Desire or Denial?

  7. Don’t forget to eat when you are fasting!

  8. Why do Disciples fast?

  9. When should we fast?

  10. I fast because I’m hungry!

  11. Fasting: Expect the Power… 

  12. Fasting to lose weight… 

  13. Fasting to Give them something to eat. 

  14. The Reward of Fasting 


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