Every Nation London Update

If you are part of the Hammersmith congregation of Every Nation London, here’s the update email sent out today in case you missed it:


This Sunday we meet in The Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park for some fun, rich connection and water baptisms! Details are:

  • We start at 11am.
  • Venue map here. We will be in the actual swimming area lawn so just find the Lido entrance to the left of the cafe and you can go in without paying.
  • Bring a picnic and a blanket.
  • Dress to impress (if you want!): There will be prizes for representing your favourite sports team or national colours.
  • More travel / parking details on our website here.

Thanks to many heroic efforts these past 7 days, we have moved into our new ministry base and the first of many life-changing events is already in full swing this weekend as we present the New Decisions Seminar in there! For your information and update, please note:

  • The Hub has our office in it, but its more than that: We envision it to be “a place of presence” where we can much more effectively run all our non-Sunday activities and an open door to engage with our community and city.
  • The new address is 188 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith, W6 7DJ
  • We have taken it on a six year lease, with a break clause option at 3 years, as we continue to dream for future building steps.
  • The cost is approx £3,000 per month more that our previous office, where we hadn’t had a rent increase for 16 years! Even so this new place is a very good financial deal at just over half the going rate for offices in the area. We appreciate your ongoing regular and faithful financial partnership to boldly continue our mission to make disciples and make a difference. Thank you!
  • The Hub fitting and refurbishment offering: We do need a fair bit of work and new furniture & equipment to turn this into a truly appealing ministry setting, and are trusting to raise £10,000 for this. Please consider contributing to this exciting new chapter during August and September. Just mark it “My Hub Gift” online here or on the envelope.

We are having 3 days of prayer & fasting from Mon 5 to Wed 7 September, and will end this with an evening or passionate praise & worship at The Hub as we consecrate ourselves afresh to the Lord for the next new season. We’ll kick this evening off with a “Hub-warming” for you to see it, with snack & drinks from 18.30-19.30, and the worship starting at 19.30 – 21.15ish. All welcome!

SUNDAY 4 SEPT: Back in our regular venue, with new “The Heart of…” series starts. This Sunday will also include our annual church finance report by our Finance Board.

And finally…

This is an excellent opportunity for you to grow in knowing God and strengthening your faith, and for meeting new people!

  • Follow One – four Mondays starting 19 Sept. Register here.
  • Folllow Two – 6 Mondays starting 12 Sept. Register here.
  • Follow Three – The 4 Mondays in November + Sat 10 Dec. Registration will open soon.

Enjoy the summer weekend friends!

Wolfi & the gang at Every Nation

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