Preparing for the Referendum (or your elections)

This Sunday, get some help on how to vote…

For UK citizens, it could be one of the most important vote of a lifetime. If you are in the USA, SA or elsewhere, your vote later this year may well be one of your most important too.

On Sunday 12 June at our London Hammersmith congregation service I’ll be tackling this subject entitled “God, Government, The Referendum, and you”- sharing some biblical principles to help you consider how to vote, and to clarify your “voice” as you enter the debate, whether you are eligible to vote or not.

I’m hoping to help you to think through how you will vote, and why? There will also be a 30 minute “Referendum discussion” after the service to help you process your decision with others. All welcome.

Referendum message advert

Something for you now:

Before our last UK general election we did a series on “God & Government” and one of the messages was on “De-privatising your faith” by Guest speaker Matt Bird, of the Cinnamon Network – listen to it here on our Youtube Channel

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