Men… join us for our Men’s Camp next weekend!

“Men need men” is a phrase that a certain wise Englishman from our tribe uttered a few years ago at one of our awesome men’s days. MENDATEIf you are a man, you need men in your life. And we need adventure. We need some man-talk moments to wake up the real man in us who is sadly too often suppressed in our over-sanitised, over-feminised, over-insured, risk-adverse, black-and-white-and-grey, play-it-safe culture…

So, for something to stir your man-soul, join us for a night out of the city in the Bracknell Forest for our men’s Camp 2016.

Arrive on Friday evening 31st August for a steak bbq around the fire, and some man-talk and action on Saturday till around 16.00. If you can’t make Friday evening, join us on Saturday – just let us know on the registration form below…

AND: The day now includes a session of “Archery Tag” on Saturday – an awesome alternative to Paintball – see here

archery tag

Our venue… mens camp venue

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