God’s first BIG Question: “Where are you?”

We have many questions to ask God, but in this series we pause to consider 5 of the BIG questions God asks us in Scripture, and the way we answer these could change everything…

God doesn’t ask us because He doesn’t know the answer, but because he wants us to know the truth of the answer, and in the truth find all the freedom we were ever created to live in.

The first question we consider in this series is the one God asked Adam after he had sinned, and God still asks all of us today: “Where are you?” This is a question to all of us who are covered by F.I..G. leave, hiding is fear, inferiority, and guilt.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 22.50.26

Don’t answer too quickly. In order to answer this question fully you must know something about three things:

  1. God’s PRESENCE – His Holy presence and omnipresence
  2. God’s PROVISION – the plan He made to replace my fig-leaves
  3. God’s PROMISES – His assurance that I can come out from my hiding into a confident restored relationship with HIm.

Here’s the message on video, as we explore the right answer to God’s big question of “Where are you?”

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