It starts with an invitation…

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the “induction” of my friend Steve Morris as Vicar of Saint Cuthbert’s church in London’s North Wembley. It all started about 11 years ago, when Cath, a member of our congregation who was working for the Morris’ was having a conversation about spiritual things with Steve’s wife Christine, and invited her to a church service at Every Nation London.  Christine came and when she got home said to Steve “you should come”. Steve famously replied:“I’ll come, but only if nothing changes!” 

Well he did come, and encountered something / Someone who grabbed all his attention. After a season of seeking through the services, Connect Groups, and one-on-one’s, Steve surrendered his life to Christ as Lord and Saviour! IMG_8624

Along the journey of growing as a disciple, one day Steve asked me for suggestions for further study, and I pointed him to a summer apologetics course run by RZIM in Oxford. Soon Steve made a commitment to leave his lucrative business career and had signed up for the whole year course, which then turned into a full commitment towards ordination in the Anglican church, and now he is vicar at St Cuthbert’s!

Of course so much more has changed than just his vocation, and as I stood in the service seeing the whole Morris family involved – Christine and the girls leading passionate worship, and Steve being inducted – I could not help but thank God for Cath being sensitive and bold to simply say: “Come to church and see…”

Thanks Cath for starting a spiritual conversation, and for inviting Christine. Jesus still changes everything! 

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