Come and touch Him… tonight!

As we come to the end of our fasting this evening, we are super excited about the all-night prayer evening starting at 8pm tonight (Friday 9 Jan) till 8am tomorrow!

I have just read this in my morning devotions:
“One day soon afterward Jesus went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night.” Luke 6:12

The result: The apostles were called, and v19 says that “and the whole multitude sought to touch Him, because healing power went out from him, and he healed everyone.”

I know that its not an exact application, but COME AND TOUCH HIM TONIGHT! 

Pop in for any two hour slot as we will be praying & worshipping through the night from 8pm on Friday 9th, until Saturday morning 8am. with people coming and going all the time.

The the focus each hour will alternate between prayer for a specific area in one hour, followed by worship in the next. See the schedule below as a guideline for what will be prayed for when.

Night of prayer venue

WHERE:  The church office, at no 4 Margravine Gardens, Barons Court, W6 8RH – map here


From 19.00   Break the fast with a light meal.

20..00   Welcome and share the vision:  Shining light – the God-colours!   Worship:  Smart Family

21.00  Prophetic Praying for Church, Cities and Nations

22.00  Worship:  Dinachi

23.00  Breakthrough Prayer for students, young people & H’smith Com Javed

24.00  Worship:  DIre

01.00  Praying in the Spirit:  Prophetic declarations

02.00  Worship: Daniel Smart

03.00  Praying for Creative Arts:  Joy/ Breakthrough/ Healing  Audette

04.00  Worship: Dina

05.00  Praying for Transformation:  Market Place, Family: Marriages +parenting,

Society: Injustice:  Trafficking A21 etc.

06.00  Worship: Dina

07.00  Praying for Hammersmith Congregation and prophetic words.


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