Check out the new Every Nation International website!

Check out the new Every Nation International website:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 19.13.24

Main site here

Check out there great features:

  • “Find a church” – check the world map to see where the EN churches are (Obviously excluding restricted countries)
  • Every Nation Music – you can even submit a demo from anywhere in the world for the Nashville pro’s to consider!
Every nation in our generation! 

2 thoughts on “Check out the new Every Nation International website!

  1. lisa anthony

    You will delete me as soon as you see this. You don’t want to hear about”sheparding” movement or Maranatha. I wonder if you have changed since “Morning Star Ministries” which by the way is one of the many names used for Satan in the Bible.. Wonder how that slipped by?? I’ve always found that incredible, but I knew one of the guys that was a pastor for MSM so I’m not surprised. He was arrogant, full of pride, unkind and selfish. It’s true. His ways found him out up the line and “pride ” went befor the fall. He was always that way from the beginning. SM wasn’t that way–can’t understand why he’s still caught up in this conglomarant. Has love of power stepped in?I am a victim of a cult and it’s taken me 34 years to realize just how much it has damaged my life.. I will be seeking help to overcome.
    I wish you the best and I know you love Jesus. Be careful and don’t let people “lord it over you.”
    My sicere best wishes and may the love of Christ richly bless you,
    lisa harrison anthony

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I am really sorry that you have been so hurt. I know that there were such situations in MSM. I was not part of MSM, but am very much part of Every Nation and am in the senior leadership team now. I am very confident that for many years these completely unacceptable leadership practices have been firmly dealt with and corrected. If you are aware of any of this still going on in any of our churches anywhere in the world, please do let me know and I will follow it up. I know that we cannot correct what happened in the past. I can simply apologise and pray for Gods richest peace and restoration for you. I do pray for God’s richest blessing on your future.
      God bless

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