Vision for 2014

Vision is so important to keep us moving forward on purpose, rather than just drifting and stumbling along. At Every Nation London we start each year with the various leadership teams asking the question: “What is the Spirit saying to the church for this next year?” We’re not looking for a new mission/vision, because that is clear to us: We exist to Make Disciples and to Make a Difference. What we are looking for is the Word of the Lord to focus and fuel us on that mission.

This year all the congregations did this separately, so if you missed it, do check out whichever one you are a part of on our website downloads here.

In Hammersmith, our vision focus is to “Come to the Well and Go over the Wall”, a powerful word and application from the words Jacob spoke over his son Joseph in genesis 49v22: “Joseph is a fruitful vine (IDENTITY), he is planted by a well (INTIMACY), and his branches run over the wall (INFLUENCE).”

Here’s the video of my “Over the Wall” message

And here’s the 2 minute “We’re going over the wall in 2014” video clip:

And the 3 minute THE TRUMAN SHOW Illustration clip:



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