IDENTITY: Knowing who you are and Whose you are…

Who or what defines who you are? If you don’t know Whose you are, you won’t know who you are, you will greatly limited in being the you you were created to be.  In this audio message from Sunday 13 January (no video available) I look at some of the most powerful words ever spoken from heaven to earth: “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” – Matthew 3v17

Listen to this message and let the Holy Spirit impart to you the Fathers “launching words”.  This message also makes up part 1 of first of 3 messages focussing the Hammersmith congregation on what we believe the Spirit to be saying to us for 2014, from Genesis 49v22, where Jacob says of his son “Joseph is a fruitful vine (IDENTITY), planted by a well (INTIMACY), and his branches run over the wall (INFLUENCE)”

Listen to the INTIMACY message here, and be LAUNCHED into Gods 2014 for you!

WORD FOR 2014 cropped

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