The 5 R’s of making good decisions, Part 4: RELATIONSHIPS

This is part 4 of a short series of 2-3 minute video blogs where I propose a few vital elements you should consider as you are making decisions and choices. Have you made any New Years resolutions? How confident are you that the decisions and choices you’ve made are well thought and right? At this time of the year many of us are looking forward with questions and decisions to make, asking What? Where? When? Who?

20131229-225412.jpgDo view the previous 3 posts, but here’s a summary: In Part 1 covered ROMANCE (What do I want?), part two covered the vital ingredient of REVELATION (What does God want). Part 3 looked at the REALITY check (What is the cost?), and in the video below I encourage you to consider the 4th R: RELATIONSHIPS. This speaks about what we (and God) value, especially relationships. No decision and choice is made in a vacuum, and this R reminds us that God is as interested in what you value, as He is in the actual decision that you make.

Tomorrow I’ll post the final R… from back in the great city (We will be driving back to London from Austria tomorrow – a 15 hour trip! I’ll post some photos next week to share the amazing week we’ve had here, or look me up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)

I hope you find these helpful!

One thought on “The 5 R’s of making good decisions, Part 4: RELATIONSHIPS

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