How we can help the Philippines

We have already launched a fundraising campaign via Facebook earlier this week, and so far the response has already been very encouraging. We will be sending off the first £2,000 to our Every Nation relief effort in the Philippines tomorrow.

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Here’s a part of pastor Steve Murrell’s (president of Every Nation) latest update via his blog:

It has been five days since the strongest storm to hit land in recorded history wreaked havoc in the central Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda, produced wind speeds up to 315 km (195 mph) and storm surges (tsunami-like waves) up to 17 feet high.

Damage estimates change by the hour, but the latest say over 11 million people were affected by the storm, and as many as 10,000 are dead. Around 500,000 are now homeless. Ninety-five percent of the homes and buildings in Tacloban were destroyed or damaged.

I am now sitting in the Tokyo airport on my way to Nashville, but my heart is still in the Philippines where our Every Nation and Victory staff and volunteers are working around the clock receiving, processing, and delivering relief goods. So far, we have received, packaged, and sent 10 tons of relief goods from Victory centers in Metro Manila.

I heard yesterday that over sixty Victory church members in our Roxas City church have lost everything – homes, clothes, vehicles, computers,…  I am certain many of our Victory members in Tacloban also lost everything, but I have not seen the list of names yet. Anything you send would be a huge help for these families.

Here in the Uk the most effective way to give to the Every Nation initiative is via the Every Nation London account, as this increases your gift by 20% via Gift Aid (There are others – see ps Steve’s blog via link above)

We will pass on your full gift + the Gift Aid to our Every Nation Relief initiative via our church in the Philippines.

You can GIVE ONLINE HERE or at our Sunday services 

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