London, 20 years ago…

Much has changed in London over the twenty years we’ve been here. Here are twenty “the way it was back in 1993” facts:

  1. There was no internet yet. none1993
  2. No mobile phones – no iPhones, iPads, MacBooks – no Apple products!
  3. No Google, Wikipedia, iTunes
  4. No blogs to read;
  5. “Email” was an unknown term.
  6. No Facebook (“Friends” were people you actually knew and met face to face)
  7. No Twitter (“Followers” was another name for disciples)
  8. No websites – no church website to communicate through
  9. Phone calls home to South Africa cost 76p a minute!
  10. To receive one page of a fax (know what that is?!) cost us £2.50!
  11. There were very few churches “like ours” back then
  12. The Alpha course had just started and only one was running in its present form at HTB (now in 169 countries!)
  13. There was no Hillsong church in London
  14. There was no Hillsong music!
  15. There was no Starbucks or Costa coffee shops
  16. Nando’s only had two stores in London in Earls Court & Ealing!
  17. There were very few South Africans in London (Before the new South Africa, and Nelson Mandela was not yet elected President of South Africa)
  18. We recorded on “tapes” – not even CD’s!
  19. Our first computer had a 256MB hard drive (Thats 1/60th of my phone’s capacity today!)
  20. But Jesus was the same as He always was, and is, and will be: Lord & Saviour, and builder of His church!

Were they the “good old days”?  Maybe just the “old days”…. and I’m thankful for then and now. 

Ecclesiastes 3:11  He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts,

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