Celebrating 20 Years in London today!

Today, on September the 4th, Ali and I celebrate 20 years since arriving at London Heathrow with our two backpacks and a vision. We had never been here before, and knew no-one. It was a very tough first year but then we had a breakthrough, and what a God-adventure its been!

We are so thankful to God for His faithfulness to build His church, and so thankful to so many who have partnered sacrificially in so many ways for this cause of Christ.

Here are my TOP 20 photos that to me summarise much of the story of this church that is Every Nation London….

a night of prayer and thanksgiving

One thought on “Celebrating 20 Years in London today!

  1. Anonymous

    Wolfi & Ali,

    An incredible story and journey. You guys are amazing and inspire us. Greater days and years are ahead of you.

    Kevin & Lynette

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