LoveUkraine Men’s Building mission feedback

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 21.05.17In May 2013 a group of men from Every Nation London headed off to the Ukraine on what was our 9th mission to this country over the past 9 years. The first few missions were with teams (including one team of teenagers) who did kids camps with some of Europe’s poorest in the Carpathian mountains. The last 3 missions have been to do some much needed building renovations & repair work on the house which out Lviv church use for this vital outreach into this needy part of Europe. Here is a summary video from the recent mission, and another video about a cool testimony of something that happened on this last mission.Followed by a bunvch of photos to tell the story…

Testimony: In case you missed this, here’s the testimony of what happened on our way to dinner in Lviv on the first evening of our trip…  

Powering up
Fuelling Up…
Youth meeting
Youth Event – Wolfi teaching DateTalk
DateTalk to youth
DateTalk to Lviv Youth
Little girl with cancer
Praying for Little Girl with cancer whose mother we met in street
Praying in childrens hospital
Team praying for sick children in hospital
Testimony in church
The Woman we met testifies in church
EN Lviv Church
Every Nation Lviv Church
The Original toilet
The Original Toilet!
The second toilet
The Toilet our first building team built…
First class toilet!
The best toilet in Carpathian Mountains!
Our 2013 project
Our 2013 Project – Dining room & kitchen
The dining room before
This dining room needs a floor!
The kitchen before
This kitchen needs some work!
Kitchen during
Johann & Mike getting going on the kitchen
Feeding time…
Steps to build...
Steps to build…
Steps built...
Steps built..
The mian house
The Main house where loads of electrics, plumbing, flooring etc have been done over past 3 trips
The pump
Pump installed to pump water from the well into the house
Sanjay the cheff..
Kitchen in progress
Kitchen in progress
Father & Son...
Father & Son… (Pat & Shaun) at work
Door made...
Door made…
Field in front of house...
Playing field in front of house where kids team did a number of camps for local kids
Cheff Sanjay
Cheff Sanjay
View from...
View from…
Our fireman Shaun
Our young fireman Shaun…
Kitchen finished...
Kitchen finished…
Dining room finished...
Dining room finished
Loft floor completed
The Loft floor completed on previous mission for extra sleeping space for teams
Drainage work by previous years teams
Running water in the house!
Running water in the house, by Eugenio & Adam on previous trip
Footbal with local kids
Football with local kids… we let them win!
Serving a family in need
Serving a family in need
The men who went and worked in the 2013 team



2 thoughts on “LoveUkraine Men’s Building mission feedback

  1. Vivi & Tony

    Wow, amazing! God is really good and it’s so nice to know that we also were part of it! Shame Tony could not go in the last 2 missions, he was really keen, and who knows, maybe the Lord will give him and us another opportunity to serve again in Ukraine or somewhere else! So blessed to hear about the testimony in the children’s hospital, thanks for sharing Wolfi! Thank you Lord for giving us the privilege to be part of it. Vivi & Tony

  2. Vivi & Tony

    Wow, amazing! So blessed to see the progress with the house and hear about the testimony with the lady at the hospital, God is sooo good! I am glad that the Lord allowed us to be part of it! Shame, Tony is sorry he could not make the last 2 missions and we hope that the Lord will allow him, us to take part in futher missions, in Ukraine or somewhere else…! Thanks Worfi for sharing and thank you Lord for the privilege of serving in Ukraine! Vivi & Tony

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