New Preaching Series in Hammersmith

Currently all our congregations are preaching different focuses, with Stratford doing “Devoted”, Slough doing “Rock & Roll” and the 6PM preaching through the book of Colossians.  In Hammersmith we completed the seven part “My Dear Bride” series last week, and I must say I thought that it was a real word in season for us as a church as well as for many individuals.

The SpiritTomorrow I will start a new series in Hammersmith called “THE SPIRIT”. The focus is on us knowing afresh the Person, the Power and the Presence of the Holy Spirit in and through our lives.

Our Vision Focus for the first part of this year is to be an “empowered community” on our mission the Make Disciples & Make a Difference.   There was a lot of shaping into community happening in the My Dead Bride series, and I am fully expectant that there will be a load of empowering happening during this next series. Come expectant to receive, be baptised, and be filled with the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit!!!

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