Daily Devotion from Luke, pt 1

I’ve just started reading through the Gospel of Luke, and I thought I’d like to share the journey by posting a few devotionals as I go along. If you are not reading your Bible consistently at the moment, why not join me and start reading slowly through the book of Luke with me? Remember: “Systematic reading results in specific leading”. Read slowly, a short bit every day, and be expectant for God to speak to you very specifically… Here’s what I “heard” this morning:

One thought on “Daily Devotion from Luke, pt 1

  1. When I heard your accent, I knew you had something from South Africa in you! 🙂 Blessings from George! I like your encouragement to get into the Bible every day. I started 2 Facebook groups for that purpose and we are reading through 2 chapters of the New Testament and 2 of the Old Testament every day. Bless you and I’m going to make a point of praying for you in a moment. 🙂

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