Mission to Marseille – Want to go?

“It IS more blessed to give than to receive”  – Yes, as always we have a bunch of great opportunities for you to go and serve beyond the boundaries of our own church. There’s something seriously life-changing about stepping out of your comfort zone for Jesus – how about considering any of the opportunities below and adding this to your God-adventure this year:

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 12.13.50

  • Mission to Marseille, 25  – 31 March. Details here. Note that the Introduction evening is on Wednesday 6 February. Our new EN church plant has been holding services since late last year, and this will be an exciting time to go and be a part of these very exciting beginnings.
  • Building Mission for Men only to Lviv and The Carpathian Mountains in the Ukraine. 17-25 May.   This will be our third and final trip to renovate this mission base from which out EN church in Lviv minister to some of the poorest people in Europe. We are looking for guys keen on some hard graft for making a difference. No skills needed! Details to be announced, but if you want to register your interest email Pat Vesey at patrickj.vesey@ntlworld.com
  • Summer Kids & Youth Camps. The greatest needs are not always on the other side of the earth. Our  two Summer Kids & Youth Camps are great opportunities to make a difference in the lives of local young people who cherish the opportunity to have fun, be loved, and get some input to know God and make the most of their lives. There are plenty of different roles to be filled, so opportunities for everyone.
  • Youth Camp: 17 – 21 August
    • Kids Camp: Dates TBC
    • London Campus Missions, at the end of Sept and beginning of Oct. Two awesome opportunities to share the gospel with students: in the east on Queens Mary Uni, and in the west on Imperial College. Watch this space for details.
As always, our call is: ALL PRAY, ALL GIVE, WHO WILL GO THIS TIME? 

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